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Apple Lite Each Day Helps Keep The Pounds Away!

Apple lite is 100% derived from organically grown apples. As an appetite suppressant, it gently curbs the appetite by providing a sensation of fullness. How does Apple-lite work? Apple-lite behaves similarly to how food acts in providing the sensation of fullness or "satiety". As food enters the stomach a message is sent to the brain which tells the body that it is not hungry. What could be more natural? No harmful chemicals are introduced to the body. Instead, only apples, which are rich in protein, vitamins and most importantly, fiber. Apples, facilitate appetite suppression, and weight loss and also assist in lowering cholesterol.

Losing Weight With Apple-Lite, The SAFE Way!

First of all, consult your family physician before starting your program. Develop a sensible pattern of eating at regular intervals. Don't skip meals. Make exercise a routine part of your life style, and begin your program under the guidance of a trained professional. Drink adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses a day) with the Apple-lite program.

What Can Apple-Lite And Losing Weight Do For You?

Obesity has been defined as being 20% above the ideal body weight and affects over 300,000 Americans per year. Obesity has been shown to be a major risk factor for the development of all of the following:
Heart Disease
Other Musculoskeletal Diseases
Certain Cancers and Infection

So, by lowering your weight, what happens? Cholesterol goes down, and the risk of heart related disorders is diminished. Breathing problems may be improved, snoring can be eliminated, back and joint pains are minimized and most importantly, you will feel better and healthier.

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Eating Right With Apple-Lite: Weezie's Gourmet Recipe's

Apple-lite can be ordered by emailing TLC or call our office.

A Fruitful Diet Aid?

Now that Redux and Fen-Phen, those weight-loss sensations, have been linked to life-threatening heart problems, many dieters have developed a new craving for a safe, natural appetite suppressant-Pectin, a complex carbohydrate found in apples, grapefruit, oranges, and many other fruits.

Scientists agree that pectin shows promise. The susbstance which the body doesn't absorb delays the stomach's emptying, and that could explain an appetite-blunting effect. As a bonus, pectin lowers cholesterol nearly as effectively as drugs do.

T L C  W E I G H T    L O S S


Meal Preparation/Nutrition
Exercise Counseling

This Physician designed program incorporates a consulting team of professionals providing the most up to date techniques, medications and safety standards in health and fitness.

The Total Lifestyle Change Program
entails following:
  • A physician designed diet
  • Medical Screening
  • Physical Exam
  • Patient Education
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Nutritional Support
  • Team Consultations
A Total Life Style Change
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Specific Dietary Modifications
  • BMI
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Laboratory Evaluation
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
Obesity is considered by some to be America’s number one health problem. Dr. Matalon’s personally designed & developed diet, unlike most diets, does not entail caloric restrictions or putting your health at risk. Reeducation during your weight loss period, while promoting safe effective weight loss, are all part of successfully maintaining your goal weight once that
goal has been met. This is the focus of the program. There are no special foods to buy. Costs include initial lab work, EKG, Herbal & Nutritional supplements, brief office visits for follow-ups until your weight is met.

Included in your program are, Four brief follow-up visits during each month.

for each of the following:
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Exercise Instruction
  • Stress Management / Reduction
Recommendations for Alternative and Complimentary therapies will be made to you as part of your specific program. All program options are available through TLC Healthcare.
Monthly Follow - Ups will include:
  • Physical Examination
  • Patient Education
  • Exercise Recommendations
  • Weight Monitoring

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